Thank you to all who attended the “Future of Customer Service” event in  Leeds last Thursday with Martin Hill-Wilson – It was great to see you all!!

Martin really does make you think!!!  The future is unknown to us all … All the things that we thought made us human a robot can now do..  They can make decisions… and even show emotion with a gender neutral voice! Scary stuff!

We had some really interesting discussions around the effect this shift is having on recruitment….The challenges organisation’s face in attracting top talent in this ever evolving environment.. How companies are becoming pro-active rather  than re-active and that as companies are becoming more sophisticated a whole new skill set is required that has never existed before!

We found that these changes in AI will make Contact Centre staff more efficient, and will generally empower people rather than diminish them.

CMR are currently supporting a number of companies who are looking to assemble an AI/CX team for the future.
If you would like discuss how we can assist you with assembling your team please get in touch!