Brendan McCarron-General Manager Ireland

Important sectors for economic recovery are facing challenges attracting Talent back to the industry.

Travel and tourism have always been considered bastions of the UK and Irish economies. As island nations our Airports and Airlines give us vital connectivity. Our hotels, resorts, and accommodation providers, along with our restaurants, keep our annual visitors fed, warm and sheltered while they explore our countries and spend their vital tourist dollar/yen/euro…

This seasonal money is important, Ireland alone seeing €5bn of U.S. dollar come into the exchequer every year whereas the UK can thank its tourism sector for 1 in 12 jobs and approximately €11bn in revenue. iNews reports that UK travel restrictions have cost the sector £639m every day.

Employment in these sectors has always been considered vital and job security was something never considered, until the health pandemic closed borders and businesses. Tens of thousands of people lost jobs overnight and across the following year, with Failte Ireland reporting 160,000 jobs lost in the Republic of Ireland.

Now in 2021, with Freedom Day just passed, and Ireland lifting its last restrictions this month, travel and tourism is returning, and all of those jobs with it. Except CMR are hearing a different story from our clients in the space.

Furlough and Lay-off schemes are more lucrative than what front-line or operational jobs pay in the sector. Then consider the 40-hour week and tax on the pay-check. You start to understand why a predominantly young work force feel they are better pocketed by remaining on these schemes.

Travel restrictions and the pull of sick or elderly family members has seen a large portion of international talent relocate back from British and Irish shores to their home countries

Looking at mid-level and middle management jobs, there is a reticence from this cohort to ever return to an industry that literally closed its doors overnight and kept them closed for almost 18 months. HR News reports that 60% of staff who have left the travel and tourism sector in the UK are unlikely to return

With money and customers flowing back into the sector, customer interaction has sky-rocketed, but businesses are woefully under-staffed to adequately cope. The British and Irish establishments are counting on the travel and tourism sector to underpin their economic recoveries, but businesses are struggling to recruit.

CMR have been able to help our clients in the travel and tourism industries, through our international footprint (4 European operations locations) and our unrivalled network in customer support and operations.

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