CMR Group partners with Humanotics to launch Humanotics People Solutions…

After working in this industry for my whole career (which started at a Littlewoods or these days a ‘Very’ call centre back in the 90s) I’ve seen so many changes in the skills you need to operate a successful, customer focused business. I’ve spent 10 years working in contact centres and 15 years recruiting into them and the common denominator is that change is a constant if you want to stay on top.

A few years after I established CMR I could see the demand for a digital workforce and how this would evolve in the recruitment industry. We researched, interviewed, trained, built a candidate database, established an online community and revised our proposition to include the acquisition of skills for Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, Data Science, Process Improvement etc. so we were true to our definition – ‘A customer management, talent specialist’. We have had some great success here and have felt in some instances, compared to the requests for longer standing skills in CC & CX we were a bit ahead of curve.

That’s why when I was talking to Dr. David Naylor, a chap I’ve known for a good while on how his Humanotics businesses had been doing, we started discussing how our skills could complement each other if we went into partnership together……and that’s when Humanotics People Solutions was born.

Humanotics is a specialist A.I/ Digital CX Consultancy, that helps clients deliver seamless & innovative customer experiences in a complex world of digital and human interactions. People Solutions will be the talent management arm of the business that complements a company’s digital transformation by executing a longer-term team structure with those very niche sets of skills illustrated on

CMR Group is now an established brand in the European market and operates under 4 companies – The UK, Western Europe (based in NL), Iberia (based in Spain) and Ireland. I’m very proud to say that I have an excellent senior management team that will run these operations whilst I split my time between CMR and this exciting new brand that will lead the way in the Digital Workforce within the CX industry.