CMR Group Celebrate Earth Day 2021

At CMR Group, we’re passionate about corporate social responsibility (CSR). It’s not just something we think and talk about; we do it.

Today CMR Group is celebrating Earth Day 2021 for the first time! Earth day is globally celebrated and is a day to recognize environmental degradation and raise awareness for climate change and environmental protection.

We’re always evaluating how we can utilise our position as a leading recruiter to help the wider community, support the chosen charities of the business and the team, and ensure that we operate ethically and responsibly at all times. Although we are marking the occasion for the first time today, there are many initiatives that we have in place currently to combat climate change, take a proactive step to protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

Some of our key initiative’s

  • We allow staff to work from home, saving on fuel costs
  • We have an outdoor electric point where people with electric cars can plug in their car.
  • We have a shower which gives people the opportunity to cycle to work if possible.
  • The rubbish gets recycled every 2 weeks
  • The indoor lights are all low energy saving bulbs
  • We print emails only where absolutely necessary to keep paper wastage down.
  • Use of whiteboards as opposed to flipcharts and refillable/long life pens/markers
  • Use refillable ink cartridges in the printer and recycle ink cartridges
  • Use mugs and glasses as opposed to disposable cups
  • We have planted 5 trees together with bee friendly planting in the outdoor area of the new office, also window boxes to attract bees and butterflies.
  • We have plants indoor to keep the office air clean.
  • We avoid using air-conditioning / heating and instead open the doors and windows or put an extra jumper on.

We are committed to being a responsible business because it matters to us. We also believe that improving our understanding and delivery of our social and environmental responsibilities is important to sustaining our success as a leading recruitment consultancy, and in improving our understanding of the local and national markets and communities we work in.

Happy Earth Day Cakes and Bakes!